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I started working with Carl about six months ago. I am a keen cyclist which
provides me with all the aerobic workout I need. However, I wanted to work on my
upper body and core strength to help me with my cycling and skiing. Carl has
worked hard on helping me identify my weak areas - his emphasis on overall
balance is a new concept for me and one which is already paying dividends. He
has a great understanding of how the different muscles and joints interact and
he designs the workout routine accordingly. I have found that my cycling
performance has already improved and there is no doubt that my overall strength
is way better than before.   - Hans H.

I’ve been a chiropractor for twenty-four years and my practice has evolved over that time. We employ a care model that utilizes chiropractic manipulative therapy with rehab exercise programs that help give us longer term functional solutions for our patients.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carl Sipes for four years and have had a very productive work relationship helping patients identify underlying causes of problems and symptoms. This leads to a treatment plan that has much better long-term outcomes rather than just eliminating the symptoms.

All of the patients that I have referred to Carl achieve better overall function by utilizing the exercise program that Carl specifically creates for that individual. I like to think that Carl has the “eye of the predator” because he can find weaknesses in functional movement that other trainers would NEVER see. I continue to refer patients to Carl for functional improvement.

My goal is to empower individuals with new responsibility and new control over their general well being. Carl helps define their new responsibility and new control with a very dynamic exercise program that will help them not only maintain but IMPROVE overall function.
- Dr. Mark Zimmerman, D.C.

ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I'VE DONE FOR MYSELF!  Carl is the best at getting you into shape. Since working with him, I have lost one whole pant size!
- Julie D.

I have used trainer my whole life,
Carl has made me stronger at 50 than I was in my 20's!!
-Ed P.

I am a woman in my early 70’s with arthritis in my knees, left hip, lower back, neck and hands and had no history of regular exercise except walking.  I started working with Carl in the fall of 2007 and we made progress in my ability to move, get up from floor and furniture, and reducing use of OTC pain relievers.  In May of 2009, Carl started using the fundamental movement system activities with me and immediate noticeable improvement was seen.  My body has a definite weakness in the left side and Carl designs my sessions and home exercises to strengthen it and make me more flexible. My body is still a barometer, but I take very little Tylenol, exercise daily, have two sessions a week with Carl and am moving better than I thought possible.  I have been able to lengthen the time between my chiropractic visits from every two weeks to once a month.  I just had a DEXA scan and my bone density has improved during the last two years without the use of medication.  I am grateful for the work that Carl has done with me and I have recommended him to friends.  - Mary S. Oct. 2009

I had total left hip replacement on Nov. 15, 2010.  My recovery has been remarkable, I had my four week check up this week and walked into the appointment without cane or walker and not limping. My next visit is in a year.   I believe this is the direct result of all the work that has been done with Carl. I am straight and am back working with Carl. He has me doing things that were impossible before surgery.  I am a firm believer in Carl’s ability and methods.  - Mary S. Dec. 2010 - Update

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